With over three decades of experience as a front-line worker, supervisor, manager, and business owner, I can bring a refreshing down-to-earth approach in the effective sharing of knowledge and experience to your organization.

My experience in electronics technology, high-tech manufacturing, and hazardous materials, coupled with skills developed in front-line to senior management and board positions, allows me to communicate effectively and obtain buy-in at all levels of an organization.

Not sure how to develop that new project you’ve just been handed? Need an occupational safety expert to speak in an upcoming event? Or perhaps you need a training course developed and delivered according to a very tight schedule? Write me at mike@safetyprogramnow.com and let me partner with you in creating and implementing a strategy that will exceed expectations!

-Occupational Health & Safety Specialist
-Training Course Development & Training Management
-E-Learning Course Design & Development
-Technical Trainer
-Webinars and Audio Conferences
-Safety Management
-Safety Program Development
-OSHA Recordkeeping & OSHA Inspection Preparation
-Risk Assessments & Job Hazard Analysis
-Business Continuation Planning
-Disaster Recovery Plan Testing

Learn more at http://www.SafetyProgramNow.com


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